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Welcome to Waychest!

Waychest is a mostly-vanilla survival server that adds over a dozen custom items, blocks, and gameplay mechanics to Minecraft, all centered around making exploration and building more interesting.

“What if every Minecraft world was a part of one big world… where other people are out there on their own journey, and our paths might cross?”

Play with friends, find outsiders

Start alone or with friends at a random spawn point. Find special items in the world that guide you to structures built by other players.

Integrated protection, warp, and discovery system

Craft Waychests to claim and protect land, create warp points, and reward other players for finding and exploring your builds.

Alone together

Maybe you’re the only one online. Maybe you’re not. The world is eerily quiet until you find someone.

Custom "Journey" system

Play on multiple profiles on one Minecraft account, called “Journeys”. Each Journey starts fresh at a random point in the world, and includes any group of friends you choose.

Original gameplay mechanics

Nearly every custom game mechanic was designed and built specifically for this server, to complement vanilla survival Minecraft. All is documented on this site’s Wiki and in-game.

Zero Monetization

No premium perks, donator tiers, or money accepted — ever.