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The first time you join the server, you will be prompted to create a Journey.

Journey select menu in-game

Journeys are a custom profile system built for the Waychest server. The system allows you to play with friends, share progress, and play through the game multiple times on a single Minecraft account.

Each Journey is an individual playthrough of Minecraft. You can think of each one like a separate “save slot” on the server, each with its own spawn point and separate progress through both vanilla Minecraft content and custom Waychest server content. If you choose to create multiple Journeys, you can switch between them freely.

You can Journey solo, or team up with friends. You can even participate in different Journeys with different groups of friends. You have 4 available Journey slots when you join the server and can earn more later.

Spawn Points

Every Journey starts at a random spawn point in one shared world.

A Journey’s spawn point is represented by a six-letter “Spawn Code” that can be shared between Journeys. For more information about sharing this Spawn Code, see Journey Together.


If you check your coordinates in-game, your Journey’s spawn point will always appear to be at (x=0, z=0). However, what you see are not the true coordinates of the world! They are shifted so that points of interest cannot be shared between Journeys.

Since your coordinates are centered on your original spawn point, you can always share coordinates between the players you spawned with, but you cannot find other Journeys through coordinates alone. You will have to find them another way.


You can always see and hear chat from other online players who share your original spawn point. Everyone else on the server usually does not appear in your “tab” list and cannot hear chat messages from you.


Whenever you are near a player with whom you do not share a spawn point, you will temporarily “join each other’s game”. This is indicated by a blue message in chat and is known as “crossing over” with the other Journey.

As long as you remain within chunk-loading distance of each other, you can see each other, chat, trade, and cooperate. If 30 seconds pass while apart from each other, the crossover will end until you approach each other again.

Per-Journey Progress

All custom mechanics and most vanilla Minecraft mechanics on the server are separate for each Journey. The following vanilla mechanics are saved and restored any time you switch Journeys:

  • Current Location
  • World Spawn Point and Bed Spawn Point
  • Inventory
  • Ender Chest
  • Health and Hunger
  • XP, Level, and Enchantment data
  • Advancements and Advancement progress

Statistics (displayed in the pause menu) are not switched per Journey, and count totals across all Journeys.

The following custom mechanics are also separate per-Journey, and are shared between everyone who is currently playing on that Journey:

More information about how progress is stored per-Journey is described in Journey Together.

Details about configuring and leaving a Journey are described in Journey Configuration.