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Before You Join

There is a lot of content on this Wiki. Please read through at least this page before you join the server.

🗨 This is not a traditional survival multiplayer experience, nor is it a social one.

Each Journey starts somewhere random in the world. Only the people you spawned with can hear you in chat or see you in the tab list. Everyone else only “joins the game” when they are nearby. Altogether, this means that the server will be eerily quiet until you find someone.

⚔ This is NOT a PvP or anarchy server.

You may opt in to PvP, but griefing is not allowed. Be constructive, not destructive.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Playing with friends requires setup.

You will spawn randomly into the world away from your friends, unless you choose to follow steps to Journey Together.

🔢 Coordinates are obfuscated, but consistent.

To create an atmosphere of “your own world”, the coordinates visible in the F3 menu (and in any mods) are not the real coordinates of the world.

Your coordinate system is always aligned with your original spawn point. That means everyone you spawned with can save and share coordinates.

📖 This wiki fully describes all custom content.

Spoilers for endgame content are hidden by default.

📕 You may skip this Wiki and learn about custom content with only in-game hints.

Most mechanics and items have an associated advancement — look for the “Waychest” tab in the advancement menu. See which advancement comes next, then try to complete it.

Also, custom blocks and items are described in just enough detail in an in-game book. Open it with /info (or /i).

Waychest advancements page.