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Journey Configuration

This page describes extra details about Journey settings that most players won’t use. However, they may be useful in some cases.

Journey Settings

The creator of a Journey becomes that Journey’s owner. The Journey’s owner can invite new members and configure the following settings. These settings are available by turning the page on the Journey Select screen and clicking the blue pencil Blue Pencil icon icon next to a Journey’s name:

Journey settings menu
  • Journey Name: Click the blue pencil Blue Pencil icon icon again to rename the Journey. All players will see the new name in their Journey Select menu.
  • PvP: Configure whether players on this Journey can damage each other. PvP between Journeys is only enabled when both Journeys have PvP enabled.
  • Members can Invite: Configure whether every member of this Journey is allowed to invite more members to the Journey. (Journey settings are always configurable by the owner only)
  • Graves: Configure whether Graves are dropped by members of this Journey when they die.
  • Radiance: Configure whether Radiance is applied when any member of this Journey sleeps in a bed.
  • Delete Locators: Configure whether Rift Locators should be deleted after discovering the Rift that it points to. Locators have no use after its Rift is discovered, so this is a convenience option.

Journey Slots

You have 4 Journey slots when you first join the server. Completing the main line of custom content (spoilers: ) in any one Journey unlocks an additional 6, for a total of 10 Journey slots.

When all of your Journey slots are used, you can no longer add a new Journey. You will have to leave one of your Journeys to free a slot.

Leaving a Journey

It is possible to leave a Journey by turning the page on the Journey Select screen and clicking the red trash can icon next to the Journey’s name.

Leave button (red trash can) in the Journey Select

Leaving a Journey does not affect the Journey for any other members. The owner can always reinvite anyone who leaves. However, if the owner leaves, then it will become impossible to configure the Journey or add more members until a member contacts an admin to set a new owner. Also, if the last member of a Journey leaves, the Journey will be permanently lost.