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Loot Regeneration

All loot chests that generate in vanilla structures regenerate loot, once for each Journey. Even if someone else already explored an area, there is still potentially loot to find in chests in that area, including Rift Locators and Wayfaring Wings.

Loot only regenerates when both conditions are met:

  • A member of a Journey that has not yet looted the chest opens the chest
  • One week has passed since anyone looted the chest

Breaking Loot Containers

Loot containers only generate with the world and are not renewable. They immediately become worthless to the opener, but since loot regenerates, they are still useful for other players who may follow. Therefore, to discourage breaking, it is not possible to break these containers with hands or tools.

The only way to destroy a loot container is with an explosion. Alternatively, you may contact an admin to remove containers if an explosion is not possible. In the interest of coexistence, please only destroy containers that are in the way of something else, such as a build.