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Server Settings

This page describes details about the server software and how it is configured. Its primary audience is technical players who want to determine whether a certain mechanic or build will work on the server.

If a relevant setting is omitted, assume it uses the default for Purpur. If any details you need are missing, contact an admin to confirm its configuration, or to request that a setting be changed. (Not all settings will be disclosed for security and gameplay protection purposes)

Scheduled Restart

The server restarts automatically at 6AM Pacific Time every day.

Common Minecraft Settings

SoftwarePatched Purpur 1.21
World GeneratorDefault 1.20.4
* 1.20.6-1.21 features retrogenerated
* The Overworld has edges
View DistanceOverworld: 63 Chunks (>32 requires Bobby)
Nether/End: 10 Chunks
Simulation Distance10 Chunks
Spawn Chunk** Radius0
Secure Profile (Chat Reporting)Disabled

** Your spawn point is not the world spawn on this server. Read more

Spigot and Paper Settings

Entity Tracking RangePlayers: 256, Animals: 128, Monsters: 64
Ender Dragon Death Always Places EggEnabled
Zombie Villager Infection Chance100%
Redstone ImplementationAlternate Current
Auto-Replenish LootablesEnabled (See Loot Regeneration)

Custom Changes to Vanilla Mechanics

These mechanics used to implement custom features may break things, so be careful if you rely on anything adjacent to a mechanic listed here.


Map items have the following changes:

  • They are not aligned to coordinates the same way they are in Vanilla. Since your coordinates are obfuscated, you will need to do some math to determine how the grid lines up with coordinates.
  • Map IDs are randomized on creation.