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Server Timeline

July 17, 2024

  • Increase maximum view distance to 63 chunks
    • >32 chunks requires Bobby or Farsight mod

July 13, 2024

  • Update to 1.21
    • Trial chambers retroactively added into the world
  • Silk touch can now be used on placed signs to pick up a written sign

June 21, 2024

  • Added a second phase to dreams that shows a brief hint about where to look for Waychest items
  • Increased Rift Locator and Wayfaring Wing spawn rates in natural chests
  • Decreased overall loot drops from Waychests and Mini Waychests
    • Added new items to the loot pools
  • Added a chance for Rifts to drop more than one Mini Waychest even after finding many Rifts

June 17, 2024

  • Added a “Wayfarers here now” indicator for Waychests
    • When another player is online and within the region surrounding a Waychest, any players who have discovered that Waychest will see a blue indicator in the warp menu next to that Waychest
  • Support 1.21 clients

June 14, 2024

  • Added Graves as an optional, opt-in death-chest mechanic
  • Added “Anyone can Invite” Journey setting (defaults to “off”)
  • Added /journey settings command to change settings without switching away from the active Journey
  • Redesigned Journey settings and Waychest settings menus
    • Renamed some Journey settings to fit the new design

June 9, 2024

  • Added “Time Played” display for each Journey in Journey select menu
  • Minor Waychest Flight tweaks
    • Increased height of the beam above and below a ring to improve visibility
    • Boss-bar timer now turns green and indicates success at the end of a flight

June 3, 2024

  • Joining a Journey now applies 12 minutes of hidden Radiance (to prevent being attacked just after starting a Journey at night)
  • Added “Keep Rift Locators” Journey setting (defaults to “on”)

June 1, 2024

  • Update to 1.20.6
    • Generate Armadillos and Wolf variants in existing chunks
  • Remove the whitelist and whitelist approval process
    • Upon joining the server, new players must now show that they have read the server rules before starting a Journey
  • Discord server launch

May 6, 2024

  • While dreaming, sign and item frame text is now obfuscated

May 5, 2024

  • Renamed /iteminfo command to /info, and added information about advancements to the info book
  • Adjusted Waychest Flight difficulty names and made the default difficulty easier

May 1, 2024

  • Rift Locators and Wayfaring Wings now generate in Shipwrecks and End Cities

April 13, 2024

  • Official whitelisted (with open applications) server launch and first postings on server lists

December 24, 2023

  • Soft launch of the server to a limited audience