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A Grave is a block that stores items and experience dropped on death. Graves are only dropped if they are enabled in the Journey settings; otherwise, items are dropped on the ground on death like in vanilla Minecraft.

A grave on the ground.


Graves are disabled by default on new Journeys. To opt in to dropping graves on death, the owner of the Journey can type /journey settings and check the box next to “Graves”. This enables graves for all members of that Journey.


When a player dies while graves are enabled, a skull with a nametag is dropped in place of items and experience. This skull has a timer of 1 hour, which counts down regardless of whether the chunk it is in is loaded.

Anyone may access the grave in one of the following ways:

  • Sneak and right-click the grave to retrieve all items in the grave.
  • Right-click without sneaking to open the grave like a chest.
  • Break the grave to drop all items on the ground.

After the 1-hour time limit expires, all items in the grave are dropped on the ground. After they are dropped on the ground, items follow standard despawning rules: They will disappear after 5 minutes, but this timer only ticks down while the chunk the items are in is loaded.