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Mini Waychest

Mini Waychests are player-owned blocks that allow one-way teleportation and drop small amounts of loot when discovered.

Mini Waychests (also referred to as “Minis”) are distinct from Waychests in that they are physically smaller, only taking up part of a block. They do not attract players through Dreams or Flights, they drop less loot than Waychests, and only one “Home” Mini may serve as a warp destination at any given time.

In addition to allowing limited warps around the world, Mini Waychests are a fundamental part of local Jump Networks.


Each Mini that someone else placed can be discovered once per Journey by interacting with it. Discovering a Mini Waychest drops a single item of loot and a small amount of XP.

Discovering a Mini Waychest does not unlock it as a permanent warp point like Rifts and Waychests. You can set any one Mini Waychest as your Home Mini to use it as a two-way warp, but all other Mini Waychests only act as a warp source, not as a warp destination.


Rifts are the only source of Mini Waychests. You cannot break a Mini Waychest that was placed by a player on a different Journey.


Interact with a placed Mini Waychest to open the Warp Menu.

Storing Mini Waychests inside your own Waychest will increase that Waychest’s protection area.

8 Minis can also be crafted into a full Waychest:

Crafting recipe for a Waychest from 8 Mini Waychests in a square


Mini Waychests can be placed in the Overworld and Nether only.

Mini Waychests must have at least 2 blocks of free space above them so that players can warp to them.

To break a Mini Waychest you or someone on your Journey placed, sneak and break it. Minis are always dropped as an item when they are broken. A Mini Waychest that was previously placed will no longer stack with any other Minis.

Waychest Counter

If you place Mini Waychests within the region surrounding a full Waychest, the Waychest’s warp menu will indicate how many Minis are nearby. Use this to encourage other players to explore your builds!

Book menu open to show a Mini Waychest counter

Jump Networks

Mini Waychests are the building block of Jump Networks. See the Jump Network page for more information.