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A Rift is a crystal with a tall purple beam that occurs naturally in the world.

Rifts provide Mini Waychests, Region Maps, and Rift Wings, and act as warp points.


Rifts only occur naturally in the world. They cannot be created, broken, or moved.

One Rift generates on the surface of the Overworld in every 2048x2048-block region. These regions correspond to the area covered by one fully-zoomed-out map, or one Region Map.


Rifts are named after the region they are found in. Region names consist of a material name followed by a mob name, such as “Iron Horse”. These names correspond respectively to the X and Z coordinates of the region, meaning that regions sharing a material name exist on the same north-south line, and regions sharing a mob name exist on the same east-west line.

For example, “Iron Horse” and “Iron Sheep” use the same material name, meaning that one region is due north of the other. This does not necessarily mean that the Rifts in these regions are also aligned.


The easiest way to find a Rift is to use a Rift Locator.

Each Rift can be discovered once per Journey by interacting with it. Discovering a Rift unlocks it as a permanent warp point that will never move or be broken. In addition, the Rift drops loot on discovery:

Rifts DiscoveredMinis DroppedXP Dropped

*Rifts have a small chance to drop more than 1 Mini Waychest even after finding 15.


Interact with a Rift to open the Warp Menu.

Rifts cannot be created, broken, or moved.


Rifts are visible from afar by their tall particle beam.

Image of a Rift with a beam of purple sparkles above it