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A Waychest is a player-owned block that reaches across the world to guide players on remote Journeys to visit, and provides loot and a warp point to everyone who finds it. Waychests also provide protection in the surrounding region so that the owner can show off their builds without worry that a visitor will harm them.

Waychests are the titular and central mechanic to the server. We highly encourage you to craft, place, and mark one “discoverable” no matter how skilled you are at building!


The primary method of locating other players’ Waychests is through Waychest Flights. After obtaining the crafting ingredients for Waychest Wings, you can embark on a flight that will guide you to the nearest discoverable Waychest that someone placed.

Waychests come in two main varieties: Yellow Waychest icon yellow and Orange Waychest icon orange. Yellow Waychests mark builds created with external tools and imported into the world with permission from the builder. Orange Waychests are player-owned, and the surrounding builds were created in Survival mode on this server.

Each Waychest can be discovered once per Journey by interacting with it. Discovering a Waychest unlocks it as a permanent warp point. In addition, the Waychest drops loot upon discovery:


Craft 8 Mini Waychests into a full Waychest:

Crafting recipe for a Waychest from 8 Mini Waychests in a square


Interact with any placed Waychest to open the warp menu.


Waychests can be placed in the Overworld only.

At least 2 blocks must be free above a Waychest so that players can warp to it. Waychests cannot be placed adjacent to a normal chest.

Waychests must be placed 250 blocks apart from each other on both horizontal axes.

The first time you place a Waychest, you will be prompted to choose whether the Waychest is discoverable. A discoverable Waychest is included in the pool of potential Dream and Flight targets for players on other Journeys.

Waychest discoverability prompt

To break a Waychest you or someone on your Journey placed, sneak and break it. Waychests are always dropped as an item when they are broken. An unplaced Waychest is hidden from everyone’s warp menu until it is placed again.


Before you can use a Waychest, you have to give it a name. All players who discover the Waychest will see this name floating above the Waychest and in their warp menu.

You can always change your Waychest’s name later in the Waychest’s settings. The name will change for everyone who has discovered it.


Open the settings menu for a Waychest your Journey owns by clicking the blue pencil Blue Pencil icon next to its name in the warp menu.

Click the blue pencil Blue Pencil icon within this settings menu to rename the Waychest. Hover over other settings in this menu for an explanation of what the setting does.


Sneak and right-click your own Waychest to open it. A Waychest’s inventory is only ever accessible to members of the Journey that placed it, even if protection is disabled for the Waychest.

Add Mini Waychests into your Waychest’s inventory to increase the radius of protection surrounding the Waychest.