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Dreams and Radiance

When you try to sleep on your Journey, you might find yourself taken away from your bed and brought to an unfamiliar place. After sleeping, a custom effect called Radiance provides the mob-spawning effects of skipping the night, even if players on other Journeys are online.


Instead of skipping the night, sleeping in a bed on the server starts a Dream, a temporary visit to the nearest discoverable Waychest. During a Dream, you are not physically present in the place you dream about. Therefore, you cannot interact with anything, nor can anything in the Dream interact with you. Other players cannot see you, and you cannot see them.

Dreams end within a minute of starting, and end immediately upon taking any damage or leaving the server. Each player can only have one Dream per night.

The Waychest you Dream about is usually the next Waychest you will find by starting a Waychest Flight from the same place you slept. However, in some circumstances, they may not match. This is especially true if using a shortcut before the flight.

Hint Phase

Dreams sometimes end in a brief vision of a loot chest in a naturally-generated structure. These visions hint towards locations of Rift Locators and Wayfaring Wings which will help to make the dreams a reality.

After seeing a vision of a structure, then next loot chest opened in that structure is guaranteed to generate one of each of these items. This guarantee resets after having another dream.


Sleep makes you feel radiant! Like the sun, the Radiance you emit prevents hostile mobs from spawning above ground around you for the rest of the night. Waking up also emits an immediate burst of flame that burns nearby mobs that are above ground. Since you are never alone on this server, this effectively skips the night without disturbing anyone else that you can’t see.

Glowing X potion effect.

Radiance appears as a Glowing X potion effect. After leaving a bed, the effect is applied for the remaining duration of the night (or, if sleeping during a thunderstorm, until the next morning). Like all potion effects, it can be removed immediately by drinking milk.

Radiance only affects mob spawning in the Overworld. Within 128 blocks of any player who has the Radiance effect, monsters cannot spawn on blocks that have any amount of light from the sky. They can still spawn on blocks that have a sky light level of 0, such as in caves.

Radiance is also applied the first time you join a Journey. However, this Radiance is not visible as a potion effect. This Radiance lasts 12 minutes, long enough to last a full night, so that creatures cannot bother you if you joined the Journey at night.

Radiance can be disabled in the Journey Settings menu.

Flame Burst

When the Radiance effect is first applied, an instant burst of flame is emitted that lights nearby mobs on fire. The burst of flame affects monsters that meet all the following criteria:

  • The monster is within 128 blocks of the player receiving the Radiance effect.
  • The monster is standing on a block that has a sky light level of 1 or more.
  • The monster would burn if standing above ground during the day. (Creepers, spiders, endermen, and mobs wearing a helmet are not affected.)

Creatures affected by the burst are set on fire for 1 minute. This flame burst can only be activated once per night.

Note that unlike the sun, this burst of flame affects monsters that do not have direct line of sight to the sky. Any sky light level above 0 is enough to light the mob on fire. For example, a zombie standing under a tree is immune to burning from the sun, but can still catch fire when Radiance is applied nearby.