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Jump Network

A Jump Network allows quick local warp travel within the region surrounding a Waychest.

Unlike Warps, a Jump Network has a limited range and requires setup. It is intended as a quick method of travel within a single build, such as between a house and a farm.

Jump Points

A Jump Network consists of two or more “jump points”. One jump point in each network must be a full Waychest, and all other jump points in the network must be placed within range of that Waychest.


The range of a Jump Network is the same as the region of protection around the network’s Waychest. That means that increasing the Waychest’s protection area also increases the potential range of the Jump Network.

Mini Waychests

Mini Waychests are the main blocks used to add jump points to the network. A Mini Waychest is a jump point as long as it:

  • is inside the associated Waychest’s range of protection, and
  • has a Waychest Shard inside of it.

Hold a Waychest Shard in your hand, sneak, and right-click a placed Mini Waychest to place the Shard in the Mini Waychest and link it to the network. Note that this is only possible if the Mini Waychest is inside the protection region of the nearest Waychest.

You can always retrieve the Shard by either sneaking and right-clicking the Mini again, or by breaking the Mini. Waychest Shards are never consumed in a Jump Network, they are only stored. Only members of the Journey that owns the Mini Waychest can add or remove Shards.


If you place your Waychest near a Rift, and the region surrounding the Waychest is big enough that the Rift is inside the region, the Rift will also be part of the Jump Network.


Anyone can use the network to Jump between Waychests, Mini Waychests, and Rifts that they have already discovered.

To Jump, start sneaking within 3 blocks of an eligible jump point. All possible warp destinations will become visible through walls. Point at the destination you want to Jump to — the destination you are looking at will be highlighted in white. Stop sneaking while a destination is highlighted to complete the Jump to that destination.