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Recommended Mods

No mods are required to play on Waychest. The server has no resource packs, no data packs, and no features that a vanilla Minecraft client cannot run. However, the mods on this page improve the overall experience on the server in various ways.

If a mod is not mentioned, it is likely still allowed. The only restriction falls under the Server Rule: if a mod creates problems or gives an advantage that could interfere with other players’ gameplay, it is not allowed.

  • Everything in Fabulously Optimized.
    • Especially: Sodium, Lithium, Sodium Extra
    • These mods all massively improve performance on most devices.
    • I recommend using Prism Launcher and creating an instance with Fabulously Optimized as the base. (Prism Launcher > Add Instance > Modrinth > Fabulously Optimized)
  • Bobby or Farsight (pick 1)
    • If your computer can handle it, these mods increase your view distance beyond what the server can send.
    • This server has a plugin that sends extreme render distances, up to 63 chunks. Bobby or Farsight is required to see more than 32 chunks of render distance.