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Server Rule

There is only one rule on Waychest. It consists of one word:


Waychest is a unique Minecraft experience that brings players together less frequently than most servers. However, when you do meet another player or another player’s build, you are expected to be respectful of their ability to enjoy the game. Waychest is not an anarchy server.


AllowedNot Allowed
Improving a structure that generated naturally in the world.Altering something another player built without the builder’s permission.
Leaving signs, books, or gifts within someone’s build to communicate.Leaving pillars, tunnels, or craters in someone’s build.
Looting naturally-generated loot chests and structures.Taking unprotected blocks or items that another player might have left.
PvP with other players who have opted in to PvP.Building traps or indirectly killing other players who might have not opted in to PvP.
Building reasonaly-sized or low-lag Redstone contraptions.Building devices or farms that create lag, either intentionally or by nature of a farm’s design.
Trading items with other players.Unsolicited spoilers of server content, or intentionally breaking other players’ progression.
Client mods that make the game more enjoyable for you without disrupting the enjoyment of others.Using client mods that lag the server or broadly deplete the world of resources that other players might need.
Harassment, slurs, or any conduct that can reasonably be considered inappropriate.


If you suspect someone has broken the rule, please contact an admin.

There is a necessary degree of subjectivity in enforcement of the rule. However, if you are acting in good faith and playing the game with the rule in mind, you should not be afraid that you will be banned for a borderline infraction. Unless your behavior is obviously heinous, or you have been warned multiple times already, the standard response to violations is a warning.