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Rift Locator

A Rift Locator is an item used to locate the nearest undiscovered Rift.

Rift Locator Egg
Rift Locator Cold Rift Locator Cool Rift Locator Neutral Rift Locator Warm Rift Locator Hot
Rift Locator Done


Rift Locators spawn (in egg form) in loot chests within the following structures:

  • Dungeon
  • Abandoned Mineshaft
  • Ancient City
  • Pillager Outpost
  • Jungle Temple
  • Shipwreck
  • End City

Each Waychest also drops one guaranteed Rift Locator egg to each Journey.


Locator Egg

Right-click while holding a Rift Locator egg to open the egg and receive a locator candle.

Using the egg locks the Locator to the nearest Rift that the opener’s active Journey has not yet discovered. Locators can only lock on to undiscovered Rifts within 4000 blocks of the opener.

Locator Candle

A locked Rift Locator appears as a colored candle. It changes color based on the movement of its holder.

Rift Locators are temperature-based. When the holder is moving directly towards the locked Rift, the candle turns red. When moving generally towards the Rift, but not directly towards it, it turns orange. When moving away from the Rift, it turns light blue. When moving in the exact opposite direction from the Rift, it turns dark blue. Standing still, the candle is gray.

The candle turns green when its holder is within 10 blocks of the Rift. After discovering the Rift, the Rift’s name appears in the item’s hover text to indicate that its locked Rift has been found. Since discovered Rifts act as warp destinations, candles pointing to them do not have any use and can be safely thrown away.