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Waychest Wings

Waychest Wings are a consumable item that allows one or more players to start a Waychest Flight and find a Waychest.

Waychest Wings


Shapeless crafting recipe for Waychest Wings with a Rift Wing and a Wayfaring Wing

A Wayfaring Wing and a Rift Wing can be crafted together into one pair of Waychest Wings. The recipe is shapeless.


Waychest Wings cannot be used as regular Elytra. They only provide flight for a limited period of time by starting a Waychest Flight.

A Waychest Flight can be started by holding the wings and right-clicking. This only works when the player holding the wings has direct line of sight to the sky. Upon use, a “pre-flight” menu opens for the player holding the wings, who becomes the “host” of this flight. The wings are not consumed until the player holding the wings starts the flight.