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The Overworld is the main world on the server. It is a default vanilla Minecraft world generated in version 1.20.4 in December 2023, retrofitted with 1.20.6 features in June 2024, and retrofitted with 1.21 features in July 2024. (full timeline)

A picture from the server's Overworld.

This page describes only the differences between a vanilla Minecraft overworld and Waychest’s overworld.


Coordinates visible through the F3 menu and mods are obfuscated uniquely for each Journey. They are shifted such that the Journey’s spawn point is located at what appears to be (x=0, z=0).

This means that sharing coordinates between Journeys (and locating the true center of the world) are impossible until both parties find a shared reference point.

World Edges

The Overworld is a square with sides of length .

At the edge of the world, there is no border. Instead, there is a 1-block-thick obsidian wall covering the entire vertical border, and then infinite void. You are welcome to venture beyond the borders, but you won’t find much. Don’t fall in.

Strongholds and End Portals

Strongholds generate normally in the Overworld and can be located with eyes of ender. However, all end portals in strongholds lead to Not the End. Not the End contains information and items necessary to reach the real End: the only way is by


Although the world was generated in 1.20.4, features have been added to all existing chunks as if the world was generated in 1.21. Read more about Retrogeneration.