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The Ends

The End on the server is split into two worlds. One End is reset weekly, the other is permanent and never resets.

Portals to both End worlds are only accessible in End portals in strongholds lead to Not the End, which contains the information and items necessary to reach these real End worlds.

Temporary End

The Temporary End is deleted and regenerated on a weekly basis. This ensures that everyone has access to endgame content without having to travel thousands of blocks, regardless of when their Journey started.

Upon entering the Temporary End, an ender dragon will spawn for any player whose active Journey has not yet defeated an ender dragon. This dragon drops a dragon egg and spawns a gateway to the outer End islands.

The world behaves identically to the End in a vanilla Minecraft server. The Temporary End is infinite and contains endgame content such as End cities.

Permanent End

The Permanent End never resets and does not contain an ender dragon. It is only accessible to Journeys who have already defeated an ender dragon in the Temporary End.

Builds are welcome in the Permanent End so long as they otherwise abide by the server rule.